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Details for Estonian internet-banks

For private individuals, non-profits, and businesses. Supports both one-time and recurring payments


SEB bank

If you want to connect SEB bank as part of the payment methods, you need to get your own UID token from SEB. Read more about how to obtain a special identifier for private individuals and companies >
Insert SEB UID for One-time direct payments
Insert SEB UID for Standing order

LHV bank

Coop bank

Credit cards

For non-profits and businesses


One-time payments only

If your business or non-profit has a Stripe account, you can generate a Payment Link to accept donations via credit cards. Please insert the Payment Link ID to include this method in your DonationBox. You can find the ID in the Payment Link URL right after the slash. For example:[YOUR-ID]. Read more on how to create new Stripe Payment Link >

Paypal Business

One-time payments only

If you have a Paypal Business account, you can generate Client ID to accept donations by credit cards. How can I create it? >

One-time and recurring

To start accepting payments for bank cards, you can use the Donorbox service. How can I create it? >

For private individuals

One-time payments only

If you have a Paypal account, you can create your own page to accept donations from other users. How can I create it? >

One-time payments only

If you have a Revolut account, you can create your own page to accept payments from other users in Revolut or by credit card. How can I create it? >